The Compassion Plays

ZsuZsi_angel 3.2MB copySo…we are about to embark on Anthems and Angels,Mark II: the Compassion Plays. The project theme is the condition of exile and the experience of refugees. The performance structure is the medieval ‘passion play’, which invites its audience to travel through different ‘story stations’ and interact with and help shape the performance.

Each show begins outdoors at dusk, with food, gifting, songs and dance. The journey continues into the theatre space, where Sydney artist Sam James creates an exquisite, immersive video installation amidst a combination of set and interactive performance pieces. Local musicians, performers and visual and sound artists combine with members of our wider communities to create a place of welcome, shared feasting, and cultural exchange.

Performance dates: Nov 2,3,4, 7.30pm. Ralph Wilson Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre, Ainslie Ave, Braddon, ACT. Bookings:

Part of the Anthems and Angels Trilogy, due to roll out nationally and internationally, 2016-18.

photo: andrew sikorski

About the Author:

Zsuzsi Soboslay has a practice in writing, theater, dance, and community cultural development. She specialises in collaborative work across disciplines and has a special interest in the stories of immigrants and refugees, as well as experience of place. She has received numerous awards and residences, initiates collaborations with musicians and visual artists, and has a special ability to bring out the best in people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. She was recipient of the ACT Multicultural Award for Outstanding Excellence in the area of ‘Creative Services and Experiences for the Community through Art, Media or Culture,’ 2018.