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BodyEcology workshops and retreats are open to anyone willing to think of themselves outside of conventional frames of reference and learn the possibilities of new kinds of dialogue with the world.

The workshops link sensory acuity with response-enabled action,  and integrate  deep listening processes in our relations with the more-than-human world.

Community-centered courses  teach participants how to retain agency and hope within collective events, and assist young people to feel present, acepted and valued in their interactions in larger conversations.

Professional Development courses include healers’ training, eco-retreats, and Deep Values consultancies for businesses and organisations, devised with both personal and professional enrichment in mind.


*RE-STORYING: restorative workshops for artists (and others) affected by COVID19.

A six-session, multi-modal process (recorded in May 2021) now available in person and online. More information here .  This process was funded by ACT Health and supported by The Street Theater, Canberra.


This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in experiencing themselves—in movement or in stillness, in deep relationship and full breath–as a conduit for dialogue with both the more-than-human world, and the pressing needs for our current survival.

Re-genesis: Learning How To Listen
Recovery: Tidbinbilla 2004
Re-genesis: Learning How To Listen  


BE/Flocking is a practice that can be taught from kindergartens to corporate boardrooms.  It examines the relationship between  being part of a ‘flock’ and accommodating individual needs that require respect and consideration.

It is a practical course set up to develop and retain hope and agency in times of struggle and crisis, offered in modules of 2, 5 and 12 hours.  Subscriptions include tuition, mentoring and workbook resources.

Flocking is informed by Care Ethics, Deep Ecology, Action Learning, deep listening and performing arts processes that encourage recognition of Equity, Presence,  Transparency and Transformation.

As our world burns and floods, we need to understand how we as humans still have something to give to and sustain in our beautiful, fragile, world.

Courses available:

Flock/free: a lovely, free-form practice, especially suitable for exploration with very young people, their carers and educators. Can be brought into community gatherings and picnics, school events, and nature walks.

Flock/Fly: a practice most suited to groups who experience exclusion, such as teens, neuro-sensitives and gender-fluid communities.

Flock/agency: the tough nut of working with businesses, corporations and agencies, providing tools to move through polarised conflict towards positive reciprocal relations.


“Our Capacity for intimacy is enhanced by embracing life”
[biologist/philosopher Charles Birch]
A day retreat to develop and maintain a sense of deepened and sustained relationship between self, others, and environment

Intimacy Day Retreat 2010-12


A ritual workshop around Intimacy and Self-Esteem
Two opportunities to honor some of our deepest life experiences, and our place of peace


ECOBODY/moving/being moved

The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to working with a body/mind that lives, breathes and responds in more continuous relationship to itself, to others, and our environment.
EcoBody Poster 2010


Masterclasses in dance ecology, to heighten your perceptions of the relationship between bodies and space and the information passing through and between. Suitable for all participants wishing to re-cognise and extend their ways of thinking and making work.