The Chain Bridge, by Tom Davis, at the Street Theatre, Canberra, November 2015.

“As a collective the performers form a deep and fearless connection, never shying away from the
extraordinarily complex demands of their parts…. astonishing range of talent.”
Deborah Hawke, The Barefoot Review. 

L’Optimisme, a musical biography of Toulouse-lautrec’s favourite dancer and muse,
National Gallery of Australia, March 2013

War, Memory and Hope: Ode to the Immigrant,
Canberra Dance Theatre, December 2012.

Under Milk Wood, directed by Dianna Nixon, Street Theatre,
Canberra November 2012.

“Each performer plays multiple parts to bring this mad mini universe to life… Zsuzsi Soboslay as Mrs Ogmore Pritchard hen-pecks her two husbands as effectively in death as when they were alive, and gives old Mary Ann Sailors praising the morning at her window an epic quality.” Alanna Maclean

“A sound portrayal”Canberra Times, Friday Nov 16, 2012.

Past/Present: two plays by Mary Rachel Brown. Sunshine and Crack Hardy,
performed for South East Regional Arts,
Merimbula, Bega and Bateman’s Bay, March 2013.

Actors: PJ Williams and Zsuzsi Soboslay