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BodyEcology: mind-body therapeutics

BodyEcology is a dynamic method of integrated bodywork which clears blockages to our potential to be fully–in-the-world. It is a practical process for individuals and communities who come looking for optimal physical health, clearer relationships, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, and help through change.

Zsuzsi Soboslay is an artist and visionary bodyworker who has run clinic, workshops and retreats with people of all ages for over 20 years.

Zsuzsi has helped adults, children, teens and babies with issues such as chronic and acute illness, tension, fatigue, and developmental delay.

Specialisations include:

  • Movement therapy

  • Bodywork– remedial, developmental and perinatal

  • Counseling and facilitation

  • Shifting chronic illness, including MS and fatigue

  • Pre-op preparation, post-op recovery; recovery from injury and strains

  • Relationship therapy

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Help with/creating new meditation practices

  • Professional and creative blocks.

Workshops and bush retreats include ecology and practitioner training and a special series focussed on Intimacy and Grief. Her most recent development is the Art Doula creative care services. She is currently upgrading her credentials to become a Celebrant and Dance for Parkinson’s facilitator.