~ offering transformative processes for people wishing to make full use of their potential.

“With everything having life, with everything having the power of speech, with everything having the power to breathe, with everything having the power to teach and guide, with that in blessing we will live.” River Junction Curly

Welcome to BodyEcology!

BE is a dynamic, embodied, integrative process that assists transformation on physical, emotional and metaphysical levels. It is centred in clinical, social, and workshop-based practices [accessible via this home page], and via arts practices, accessible via bodyecology/arts.

Zsuzsi Soboslay has devised the practice over the past 30 years, helping people of all ages overcome chronic and acute illness, conflict, injury, trauma, developmental delay, assist with goal setting and in life transitions; and in creatively-engaged processes that replenish our ways of being in the world. The work, in both fields, reconnects to our capacities to live with more presence, joy, and creativity in our lives.

These webpages will guide you to Clinic, Workshops (for clients and practitioners), Writings, Creative Care Services for the Dying, and introduce you to The StoryChapel, a collaborative community set up to share and transform our stories via arts/healing practices.

I offer BodyEcology to assist individuals and communities develop clarity, live in optimal health, and restore our sense of agency and hope ~ for the sustenance of our hearts, our earth, our futures, and our children.

These are brochures that describe BodyEcology clinic work:


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I pay my deep respects and gratitude to the Ancestors and First Nations wisdom-holders of all the lands on which I have lived and learned.