BodyEcology is a practice centred in relationship and inclusion.
Zsuzsi Soboslay is its founding practitioner. She works as a performer and director,
choreographer, artist, writer and bodywork therapist across the eastern states of Australia.
The practice makes contemporary some of the most ancient indigenous and shamanic principles:
that everything has life and 'language' and deserves our consideration and respect.


Performance projects range from site-specific events to inclusive community classes, professional collaborations for the concert stage and events at national institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia, the CSIRO and the National Film and Sound Archive.

Research & Writing

Zsuzsi is currently focussing on ecology, inclusion projects, immigration history and the refugee experience. She has curated three nationally-significant museum exhibitions. Her work as a writer spans essays, playscripts, and two decades of writings on music, dance, art, theatre and performance.


The term 'ecology', in our daily lives, relates to how we take care of ourselves, how we caretake and relate to our landscape and each other, and whether or not we feel 'at home'. Such thinking can make a great difference to our health and wellbeing and the choices we feel free to take in the world.

From the Blog

Fine judgments of our souls…

Week Two! and we have rehearsed with our three generous musicians, Ben Drury, Richard Johnson, Jess Green and Michael Misa. Pastor Peter Kuot is deciding which of his stories of South Sudanese agricultural life to tell. School students from Marist College are coming to workshops this weekend, and our performers Chris and Robin–wickedly funny–have created […]

Conversing with our Angels…

Christopher animating his Angel… rehearsals, Week Two, The Compassion Plays

Compassion Plays begins!

The Compassion Plays: A performance event about longing, loss, and the resilience of people in exile.. Developed from years of research in and amongst community. There will be live music, singing, dance, intercultural storytelling, and a share community feast!