Placing creativity at the H♥Art of healing, and of being human-in-the-world.


is a luminous space for play, creativity, replenishment and transformation offering a combination of workshops and exchanges utilising vibrant, arts-centred processes that can help restore our sense of faith, belonging and resilience in our world.

Sessions will be offered in person and online from 2025.

StoryChapel extends *ReStorying: a library of restorative processes established by Zsuzsi in 2021 (see Workshops and Retreats) and  links with other arts/health, care services,  and Creative Ageing projects across Australia and in the United Kingdom. An international project is in planning for 2026ff.


offers Deep Values consultancies for businesses and organisations truly trying to achieve equity, inclusion and justice in their working process.

  • Productivity benefits from strong, clear and ethical relations.
  • What blocks these relations in your organisation? Is it to do with discrepancies in values, behaviour, or communications?

This training program offers a clear space to analyse an organisation’s communications. What do they communicate? Do they express its deep values?

Courses include:

  • Learning how to identify and debate these values, safely;
  • Being aware of individual differences—both strengths and ‘trigger’ vulnerabilities—that can assist or inhibit productivity and inclusion;
  • Being aware of change, loss and transitions/working respectfully with emotions triggered in change and transition situations.

The program brings in Systemic Constellations and embodied consciousness practices that can be brought in to professional work situations, or wherever there is conflict and/or decision making and planning


Offerings will include meditation groups, forums, drop-ins, weekly classes, consultancy and life transitions services, working in deep connection on country and with community, and include scholarships for those in need. Projects are also being developed with Creative Ageing and Arts and Health communities locally and internationally.

If you are interested in being a contributor/sponsor/co-supporter, please reach out to (+61 402 283 615)