on ecology

Image: James Geurts. The Environmental Performance Agency [EPA] , Body of Water,
Melbourne Food and Wine Fair, March 1-2 2014.

“As Water Is To Water.” An illustrated paper that draws parallels between water’s features and the kinds of realisation made through training in theatre and dance ecology praxis. Sets out a template for cooperative dialogue and models for non-agonistic decision-making.

First presented as an interactive discussion during the Waterwheel online symposium, Water Views: Caring and Daring – 3WDS14, 23 March 2014.
Go to: water-wheel.net

Screen recording of the Tap presentation

Paper also available at  monash.academia.edu/zsuzsannasoboslay

“I sing the landscape electric.” A poetic discourse on ways of being in the world (2001: 6000 words).

“A note on Immersion”: textile artist Paull McKee and glass artist Kirstie Rea, year-long project, Namadgi National Park and Craft ACT; 1500 words (December, 2011).

“Artists Changing How We Think About the World”

“Landsongs: Teaching our eyes to listen”. Catalogue commission, Craft ACT/National Parks and Wildlife Service immersion project; 2500 words, May 2009.

“Artists Turned Inside Out in Residency Project”. Published Canberra Times, May 2010

“Becoming Imperceptible”: painter/printmaker Paul Uhlmann at the Goethe Institut, Sydney; 1500 words, June 2010.

“Eco-worrying”: painter Mandy Martin’s retrospective at Canberra Museum and Gallery; 1500 words, Oct 2009.

“Growing Home: the street trees of Canberra”: the work of Elizabeth Paterson at the National Botanic Gardens; 1800 words, April 2009.