Art ~ Life ~ Ethics

“I discovered a whole new world. I felt that I was connecting with a wisdom way beyond the conscious mind…”

Over three decades, Zsuzsi has built a practice that interrogates the place of writing, ethics, and social care across arts and health practices.



The World as Medicine


LandSongs: learning how to listen.

What is true Equity?

Hearing the invisible..

For children:

The Clever Snipe, In collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Canberra: Welcome City and Jerrabomberra Wetlands.


Free Download: HEART-PULSE meditation © Zsuzsi Soboslay 2021

This is an abbreviated version. Please be in touch if you would like a copy of the fuller meditation practice.

Web publication: “Hungry Ghosts”

Specific Writings On Ecology

“As Water Is To Water.” An illustrated paper that draws parallels between water’s features and the kinds of realisation made through training in theatre and dance ecology praxis. Sets out a template for cooperative dialogue and models for non-agonistic decision-making.

First presented as an interactive discussion during the Waterwheel online symposium, Water Views: Caring and Daring – 3WDS14, 23 March 2014.
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Screen recording of the Tap presentation

Paper also available at

“I sing the landscape electric.” A poetic discourse on ways of being in the world (2001: 6000 words).

“A note on Immersion”: textile artist Paull McKee and glass artist Kirstie Rea, year-long project, Namadgi National Park and Craft ACT; 1500 words (December, 2011).

“Landsongs: Teaching our eyes to listen”. Catalogue commission, Craft ACT/National Parks and Wildlife Service immersion project; 2500 words, May 2009.

“Artists Changing How We Think About the World”

“Artists Turned Inside Out in Residency Project”. Published Canberra Times, May 2010

“Becoming Imperceptible”: painter/printmaker Paul Uhlmann at the Goethe Institut, Sydney; 1500 words, June 2010.

“Eco-worrying”: painter Mandy Martin’s retrospective at Canberra Museum and Gallery; 1500 words, Oct 2009.

“Growing Home: the street trees of Canberra”: the work of Elizabeth Paterson at the National Botanic Gardens; 1800 words, April 2009.

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