Re-Covery ~ Re-Storying ~ Intimacy ~Re-Genesis ~ Learning How to Listen

“I discovered a whole new world. I felt that I was connecting with a wisdom way beyond the conscious mind …” “I felt a deep intuitive recognition of what you were doing in your work and I am feeling the gradual unfolding of these abilities in myself. They are a far cry from the social norm and it is reassuring to meet someone working confidently and in a down to earth manner with the intuitive approach that also encompasses ‘body-knowledge’ as well as ‘head-knowledge’.”
Phillip Corbett Chiropractor, Boronia (Victoria).

“Her contributions were so outstanding that she received tributes from the other students, drawn from around the world.”
Dr John Broomfield, author of Other Ways of Knowing, Leader of shamanic workshops and retreats in New Zealand, Australia, India and USA.

“I can honestly say that after much travel, time and money spent investigating healing and spiritual practices that Zsuzsi is one of the best teachers and practitioners I have ever seen. For every 100 teachers in this area that make claims of penetrative insight and transformative healing methods, experience has taught me that there are maybe 5 that are genuine and capable. Zsuzsi is one of these rare few and I would highly recommend her theraputic methods to anyone.”
Sifu Morgan Buchanan, teacher of Tai Chi & Chi Kung, Melbourne.

“I am amazed. I am just amazed. I didn’t know the workshop would be this good.”
Doug Kentwell, Hakuna massage therapist, Sydney

“The space you create is like a conscious waking sensory dream and the space allowed my thoughts and skin and body is a great gift – it’s a sense of time and humanity that I’ve always believed existed but that others would tell me only existed in my imagination.”
Angela Badolato, dancer, performer, and Reflexology practitioner, Sydney and Orlando, Florida

“You are bringing out what is latent in a way that really kick-starts transformation.”
Penny Andrews, writer, Bingi, New South Wales

“I owe you my fully restored life after the many years of the M.E [chronic fatigue]. The healing you did started a chain reaction that was amazing and wondrous. I not only regained my full health after 10 years, but I also regained a lot of joy that has stood me in such good stead through later years.” Jo Imlay

“I was dazzled by what she could see, fell and intuit, as well as the startling imagery that she used with pinpoint accuracy to conjure up changes in my body. Again and again she would perceive some life-long pattern or belief of mine and point out a vivid image she was seeing.The images were so detailed and exquisite that I was literally enchanted.”
Jo Imlay, writer, journalist, shamanic workshop leader and ecologist, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

“Your work helps me understand things differently. As well as the physical healing, I feel held in a metaphysical process that helps so much.”
Julie Taylor, director, Catholic Education Office

“I find the processes and rituals invoked to be somehow sacred…so deeply meaningful and surprising. Our movement work was borne of an authentic, deep, and intuitive space”
Ellie Youdale, dancer, speech pathologist and yoga teacher, Sydney

“I felt carried along, sort of like being in a river. I felt the plains and barriers of my cultural evolution shift – my own and all the histories I carry with me.”
Angela Badolato, dancer, performer, and Reflexology practitioner, Sydney and Orlando, Florida

“Last night I saw a nature programm about the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly – just stunning. And there was also the elephant, who carries its youngster for 22 month – mmmhhh little elephants! Made me think of your work, giving us the ability to tune into these most amazing processes and to be part of them, not separate.”
Claudine Von Neiderhausen, dancer, shiatsu therapist, northern NSW.

“I don’t know what you’ve done, but something must be working. Already after two sessions, my daughter is calmer, more able to cope, she’s changed.”
Frances, mother of R., aged 10


“It was amazing how quickly you settled Calum. You’ve helped me connect and trust a knowledge I have in myself that woulnd’t have come out otherwise.”
Catherine, mother of Calum, aged 5 months.

“I felt really informed and able to understand what was going on; this was so different to the ‘specialist-based’ knowledges of other treatments where I was left none the wiser… Your work also affirmed what I seemed to know on an instinctual level, but would never have had the words or means to put into constructive action. I felt able to breathe and supported in my girls’ processes. They both felt safe and loved coming to see you.”
Yolanthe, mother of A. (a young girl with special needs) and M., seen from the ages of 2-12 and 14.