offers Creative Care Services around death, grief, and life transitions.

Zsuzsi is a qualified Death Celebrant and keen to talk with you about what can best assist you in this time of great transition, whether that be for you/your wider family, or directly with your loved one.

With a background in performing and community arts, Zsuzsi brings an embodied authenticity to all relationships and works with families and community to help ensure the transition process is authentic, supported, heart-connected, and meaningful to participants.

ArtsDoula connects with other artist practitioners to provide the service you need to be supported and farewell your loved one in the way that you feel appropriate.

*I applaud the work of Tender Funerals–now established in Canberra–offering down-to-earth and affordable care, services, information and choice to families, carers, and those approaching death.

Zsuzsi has trained with Zenith Virago and Dr Sarah Kerr.  In addition, she has worked with diverse cultural communities in Australia and overseas and brings respect, discretion and sensitivity to her work with these communities.

Zsuzsi also runs trauma-informed workshops such as *Intimacy and Grief, helpful preparation for/recovery from life transitions, and is available for grief processing work for young and old, in times of greatest need.

If you are interested in being a contributor/sponsor/co-supporter, please reach out to (+61 402 283 615)