Time Borrowed/Subnivien

Remembering a favourite collaboration with visual artist Annee Miron and sound artist Clive Bourne, @ CraftACT Craft and Design Centre, May 2017. Part of an exhibition of works by artists involved over 10 years of residences at Namadgi National Park


Time Borrowed/Subnivien: beneath us, a world we cannot see.


The weaving–a nest, a home, an action–is marked by the body that inhabits it.

Limited edition print of this performance was part of an installation, utilising the performance-transformed weaving, created by Miron and Bourne as finalists in the Tom Bass Sculpture Prize [Juniper Hall, Paddington, 2018].


Weavings: Annee Miron

Sound: Clive Bourne

Performance: Zsuzsi Soboslay

Photo credit: Edge Light Photography




About the Author:

Zsuzsi Soboslay has a practice in writing, theater, dance, and community cultural development. She specialises in collaborative work across disciplines and has a special interest in the stories of immigrants and refugees, as well as experience of place. She has received numerous awards and residences, initiates collaborations with musicians and visual artists, and has a special ability to bring out the best in people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. She was recipient of the ACT Multicultural Award for Outstanding Excellence in the area of ‘Creative Services and Experiences for the Community through Art, Media or Culture,’ 2018.

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