BodyEcology consciousness is an integrated sensibility that evolves, much as a certain awareness can evolve the more one practices meditation.

We all have intuitive knowing and sensory awareness which can become more accurate and engaged. Learning to harness and integrate this awareness in a disciplined and methodical way can enrich and complement other professional knowledges, as well as enhance the way we relate to others, and the way we live our lives.

A practitioner trained in BodyEcology will learn specific SoulBody skills, acquire greater sensitivity and thoroughness in their own practice, and enlarge the resources s/he calls on when s/he works.

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The Organs and the Limbic System
Breath symphonies



1) “Landscapes of healing: the role of the invisible (and joy) in the therapeutic process.”
BodyEcology talk and meditation, Sydney, Sunday March 15.

A talk and meditation  delivered as guest of the Aurum Project in North Avalon. The Aurum Project was set up to promote and conduct research into homoeopathic practices in Australia, especially in relation to the health of children (go to:

2) “Heart-Pulse Residential Retreat” at Rachum, near Yass, NSW,
October 24 – 25