Support For Parents/Carers; Recovering from Birth.

Counselling and bodywork, pre- and post-partum; babysettling; mother nourishing.

BodyEcology–Perinatal also provides general bodywork around being in touch with our bodies, and in developing sensory awareness and awareness of internal processes. This is very helpful throughout pregnancy and childbirth, and afterwards in the relationship between parents and child. Men can also be assisted with issues to do with parenting, partnering, and in their changing social roles.

A special series of workshops on the Heart-Pulse technique is currently under development, aimed at parents-to-be and for people in general, particularly those who need to clear their own birth trauma or in some way wish to renew a positive relationship with their own coming-into-life. See Workshops-Perinatal for more information, or contact

BodyEcology is currently working to establish professional links with homoeopathic, midwifery and rebirthing practices in New South Wales and Tasmania. Please contact for more information..