“I discovered a whole new world. I felt that I was connecting with a wisdom way beyond the conscious mind…”



A new take on an ancient healing modality, harnessing the power of storytelling linked to deep listening, and the honoring of our lands and our ancestors.

Following an initial, brief consultation [via email and/or Zoom], I create a bespoke story/fable/meditation which will be sent to you via email. You can also order an illustrated fable and you will be sent the original, following the scanned copy via email.



–a bespoke process that re-­frames 2020 and how we might step forward into this new year. Each one-hour session­‐in person, or via Zoom-­is a dynamic process that helps us hold and re-­cognize dark and light, grief and hope. Transforming Our Year provides cognitive re-­framing via sensory and symbolic processes and becomes a tool that can adapt and grow with you. It is open to anyone, any community, any practice.

Special offer throughout May-June 2021 is $AUS100 per session.



Free Download: HEART-PULSE meditation © Zsuzsi Soboslay 2021

This is an abbreviated version. Please be in touch if you would like a copy of the fuller meditation practice.

(The full meditation includes developing an awareness of the heart-chamber as an ‘echo chamber’ and of the supportive layers or striations of the body.)

More meditations will be uploaded in May/June.