Heart-Pulse technique

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This is a free sample meditation. © Zsuzsi Soboslay, 2021 For times of duress or transition. Can be helpful in the most demanding of times. HEART-PULSE meditation In 2005, I was involved in a project in the far west of New South Wales, working on unceded Barkindji land: red desert, spinifex, mounds of glorious Sturt [...]

The Portrait Piper

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Zsuzsi Soboslay, with flautist extraordinaire Eliza Shephard, leads a new guided interpretation of the life of portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, NPG Spring Festival, Oct 28, 2018. “We need a different kind of language and a different emotional register if we are going to touch people…. And that’s what you are creating…” [writer, [...]

revisiting ‘equivalence”

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I visited Japan in 1996. I experienced a country of delicacy and madness, an intersection of 'old' and 'new' time, Crowds swarmed through crowded train stations; suited commuters seemed shamed by the 'floating world' of tramps and kicked them as they passed. Chain-smoking was popular but so too were small packages of pickles bought [...]