Anthems and Angels

This is a 3 minute video of my major project, Anthems and Angels
It is concerned with the memories and experiences of refugees.

Its process matches my intention to pay respect to what often gets censored or ignored (memories, sights, sounds, smells, kinetic sensations).

If everything is potentially of equal value, then sound, space, bodies, are already as important as any word or action. My training process he training works hard to allow performers to perceive what is there to help them (the substance of space, the walls singing), but also what needs to be listened to (knowledge in the wind, songs in the blood, history in the floorboards).

I am lucky to be working with several extraordinary collaborators, Timothy Constable (performer/musician) and Mike Chin (composer/film-maker, Tokyo Love-In) amongst them.

Watch this space!

(You can find out more about this project by using the wordpress navigation under ‘Performance’.)

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About the Author:

Zsuzsi Soboslay has a practice in writing, theater, dance, and community cultural development. She specialises in collaborative work across disciplines and has a special interest in the stories of immigrants and refugees, as well as experience of place. She has received numerous awards and residences, initiates collaborations with musicians and visual artists, and has a special ability to bring out the best in people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. She was recipient of the ACT Multicultural Award for Outstanding Excellence in the area of ‘Creative Services and Experiences for the Community through Art, Media or Culture,’ 2018.

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