The Medicine House, Canberra (address on application)

Thirroul Natural Therapies, 396 Lawrence Hargreave Drive, Thirroul

In clinic, Zsuzsi offers remedial and developmental bodywork, shamanic healing, counseling, and perinatal processes for adults children and babies. Special clinic is held for those with disabilities.

She has been able to help people with chronic illnesses [ME, MS, Chronic fatigue, RSI, osteo arthritis], injuries, nutritional depletion, detoxing, mental/emotional issues, birth trauma [in adults and children], developmental delay and creative blocks, to name just a few.

Her work begins with deep listening and can extend to pulsing or meridian work, vibrational healing, physiotherapies, the prescription of flower remedies, nutritional supplements, specific meditations and/or gentle movement exercises. The emphasis is on optimizing change by listening for the support modalities the body is asking for. Rather than working to an ideal, emphasis is on achieving Optimal Function. This individualized tuning is one of BodyEcology’s highest benefits, and a key to its lasting effects.

BodyEcology helps each individual find their best way to heal.

Clinic is run on a regular basis in Sydney, Wollongong and the ACT, whilst distance consultations (via phone, Zoom, Skype or email) are also available throughout the year.

There are no fixed number of sessions. Sometimes 1 or 2 sessions are enough to allow resolution of an issue or condition.

Initial sessions run for 90 minutes, with follow-ups usually lasting 1 hour. I work with children according to their needs and attention span. Young children and babies are always treated with deference to parents/carers and family circumstances

Appointments should be made direct to my email or mobile.;   0402 283 615